Humble Hen

Here are a few of our favorite Sempervivums
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Sempervivum, also known as Hen and chicks, are a type of perennial succulent. They are commonly thought of as tufts of greenish rosettes sometimes seen in strawberry jars, but they‘re oh so much more.

The secret of these beautiful little plants is the vibrant colors they reveal in early spring. Scarlett, dusky blue, soft metallic pink and rich burgundy and watermarks appear on some, giving them a whole new character.

Thousands of cultivars were created for a wide range of color, shape and texture. Each named plant in our collection has its own unique personality. They send out offsets, known as chicks or pups, and can cling to rocky places, even draping themselves over stone walls or containers. Sempervivum are also used as green roofing material. But we like to think of them as beautiful gems that adorn our garden.

Sempervivum in Latin means “always living“. Winter snow to summer drought, they are hardy enough to live year round in our zone 5 garden. All they ask for is sun and well draining soil.  An easy plant to grow.

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